the sub­scriber of the patent data deliv­ery (user)


Our agreement

Here you won’t find any end­less lists or pages of clas­sic con­di­tions, terms or notice peri­ods. You can eas­i­ly deac­ti­vate your pro­file at any time via the web inter­face in your account and you are only charged for that which you have actu­al­ly received. The cre­ation of a sin­gle deliv­ery date or an agreed series of deliv­ery dates, trig­gers the order from us.


Our services

Our data deliv­ery ser­vices are cre­at­ed accord­ing to each indi­vid­ual search pro­file or offered as an unfil­tered data pack­age from the select­ed patent office. Once our research soft­ware has been pro­vid­ed to you free of charge, you will receive in detail:

  • Deliv­ery of data from select­ed patent offices
  • Deliv­ery in a stan­dard­ised format
  • Set­up and admin­is­tra­tion of search requests via our web interface
  • Deliv­ery of data over web inter­face or deliv­ery per DVD
  • Per­son­al cus­tomer support
  • Unlim­it­ed access to your search history


Our pricing model

Our pric­ing mod­el is sim­ple and under­stand­able. We charge a flat rate of 0.85ct per doc­u­ment which can then be accessed through our web inter­face or via a DVD shipment.

If you wish to have the data deliv­ered by DVD , an addi­tion­al fee of 35€ will be added to cov­er the cre­ation, ship­ping and deliv­ery costs.  Unfil­tered data pack­ages can also be ordered per patent office in select coun­tries (DE, EP, WO, US, JP, KR) for 300€ per month and deliv­ered on a week­ly basis. Pay­ments shall be made with­in 30 days of receipt of the invoice. All amounts list­ed are net price.


Our values

Per­son­al respon­si­bil­i­ty and mind­ful­ness guide our actions, which is why we would like to thank you for the sen­si­tive and respon­si­ble han­dling of the data in which we have pro­vid­ed. We place a high val­ue on the research soft­ware, and on the deliv­ery of data: cor­rect, in full, and free of errors. In the event that we do not ful­ly com­ply with this claim, please con­tact us immediately.