the subscriber of the patent data delivery (user)


Our agreement

Here you won’t find any endless lists or pages of classic conditions, terms or notice periods. You can easily deactivate your profile at any time via the web interface in your account and you are only charged for that which you have actually received. The creation of a single delivery date or an agreed series of delivery dates, triggers the order from us.


Our services

Our data delivery services are created according to each individual search profile or offered as an unfiltered data package from the selected patent office. Once our research software has been provided to you free of charge, you will receive in detail:

  • Delivery of data from selected patent offices
  • Delivery in a standardised format
  • Setup and administration of search requests via our web interface
  • Delivery of data over web interface or delivery per DVD
  • Personal customer support
  • Unlimited access to your search history


Our pricing model

Our pricing model is simple and understandable. We charge a flat rate of 0.85ct per document which can then be accessed through our web interface or via a DVD shipment.

If you wish to have the data delivered by DVD , an additional fee of 35€ will be added to cover the creation, shipping and delivery costs.  Unfiltered data packages can also be ordered per patent office in select countries (DE, EP, WO, US, JP, KR) for 300€ per month and delivered on a weekly basis. Payments shall be made within 30 days of receipt of the invoice. All amounts listed are net price.


Our values

Personal responsibility and mindfulness guide our actions, which is why we would like to thank you for the sensitive and responsible handling of the data in which we have provided. We place a high value on the research software, and on the delivery of data: correct, in full, and free of errors. In the event that we do not fully comply with this claim, please contact us immediately.