You are here: profile manual

The manual is for your orientation.
We will show you which steps to take if you want to use the frontend:



First time login (new customers)

Please use your user­name and pass­word to log in.


First-time login (for former deparom-profile customers)

Please assign a new pass­word (using “For­got pass­word” on the login page).

You will then receive an email — please fol­low the instruc­tions in the email.


Forgotten login data

If you have for­got­ten your login data, you can reset your pass­word as follows:

1. go to and select “For­got password?
2. enter your e‑mail address and click OK.
3. you will receive an email with a link to reset your password.
4. click on the link in the email and fol­low the instructions.

Setting up a search profile


To set up a search profile, please click on “Profiles”.
Anschließend klicken Sie auf “+ Create profile”.


  • titele

    Free text field for your description

  • title

    Free text field for your description

  • Profile #

    The pro­file num­ber appears lat­er when the data is viewed.
    It must have 4 dig­its. For exam­ple, the first pro­file could be 0001.

  • Next volume #

    The vol­ume num­ber starts at 001 and is auto­mat­i­cal­ly incre­ment­ed with each data delivery.
    — read only-

  • Account

    The search pro­file must be assigned to a user account.
    All user accounts to which the user has access are dis­played in the selection.

  • Output format

    The deliv­ery for­mat is set here

    ZIP: down­load in ZIP format
    ISO: down­load in ISO format
    DVD: phys­i­cal DVD, ship­ping by mail (+35€)

  • Interval

    The deliv­ery inter­val that cor­re­sponds to your desired deliv­ery cycle is select­ed here.

    e.g. “Week­ly” -> the data deliv­ery is pro­vid­ed every week.
    The selec­tion “Man­u­al” does not lead to an auto­mat­ic data delivery.
    You must trig­ger the exe­cu­tion your­self. You can find fur­ther infor­ma­tion here.…

  • Start date

    Deter­mines the first deliv­ery due date (cal­en­dar week).

    Spec­i­fy when you want to start the first delivery.
    For sub­se­quent deliv­er­ies, the val­ue is auto­mat­i­cal­ly changed to the next due date (accord­ing to the interval).

  • DEPAROM Query

    Enter your search query in DEPAROM syn­tax here. An overview of all search fields can be found here.

    Exam­ple: ((PC=DE OR PC=EP) AND DP > 01.01.2017) AND (AB=“Sports shoe*” OR GT=“Sports shoe*”)

  • Selection list “Period“ of hits

    You can fil­ter your search results by select­ed time peri­ods to check them.

    Select a time peri­od from the list. The fil­tered set of hits is displayed.
    Please note that the num­ber shown may dif­fer from the actu­al num­ber of hits (in one delivery).

  • Snapshots

    Keeps a his­to­ry of changes to “DEPAROM query”.

    When sav­ing a change, a new ver­sion of the DEPAROM query is saved.
    You can jump between the cur­rent and pre­vi­ous ver­sions at any time.
    For a pend­ing data deliv­ery, the cur­rent val­ue is always used as the DEPAROM query.

Click Save to complete the creation.

The search pro­file is auto­mat­i­cal­ly exe­cut­ed accord­ing to the next due date and exist­ing hits are made avail­able to you as data delivery.

Deleting a search profile

You can delete a search pro­file at any time.
Please note that the search his­to­ry will also be deleted.

To tem­porar­i­ly deac­ti­vate a pro­file, please pro­ceed as described under “Deac­ti­vat­ing a search profile”.


  1. Use “Edit” to switch to the profile you want to delete.

  2. Open the menu at the top of the Screen.

  3. Select “Delete” and confirm the request with “Yes”.

Deactivating a search profile

To deac­ti­vate a pro­file (tem­porar­i­ly), the inter­val can be set to “Man­u­al” in the settings.

For deac­ti­vat­ed pro­files, auto­mat­ic data deliv­ery (accord­ing to the “Inter­val” set­ting) is deac­ti­vat­ed. You can (re)activate the pro­file at any time by select­ing a new deliv­ery interval.


  1. Use “Edit” to switch to the profile that you wish to deactivate.

  2. Select the value “Manual” for Interval.

  3. Save changes

Data reference / Download

As soon as a data deliv­ery is ready for you, you will be informed by email.

To download a delivery, please click on “Data deliveries”.

All deliv­er­ies will be displayed.

Download a corresponding delivery by clicking on the “Download symbol”.



You will receive an invoice by email after each data delivery provided.

The exact invoice items depend on the deliv­ery format.
If you have set up sev­er­al pro­files, you will receive an invoice for each pro­file (or the asso­ci­at­ed data delivery).

Adjust personal settings

You can make var­i­ous set­tings for your user account.

These include e.g.

  • Change password

    • Your pass­word must meet cer­tain cri­te­ria — infor­ma­tion will be dis­played as you enter it
  • Enable two-factor authentication

    • fur­ther infor­ma­tion can be found here
  • Set email notifications

  • Set menu language



  1. Click on your username in the left corner

  2. Make the required changes

  3. Click on “Save”.

Logging out

You should log off after fin­ish­ing your work in


  1. Click on your user name in the left Corner.

  2. Select “Log out”.