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Which search criteria are possible?


Field Name Descrip­tion Data Type Com­ments
AB Abstract text Patent abstract from title page
AD Appli­ca­tion Date date Date of application
AN Appli­ca­tion Number text For­mat depends on pub­lish­ing coun­try, but gen­er­al­ly 2 let­ter coun­try code plus num­ber, e.g. DE102014017626
DE Doc­u­ment Number key­word Num­ber the doc­u­ment was pub­lished under
DP Date of Publication date Date doc­u­ment was published
DS Des­ig­nat­ed States key­word, array List of 2 let­ter coun­try codes
ET Eng­lish Title text
FT French Title text
GT Ger­man Title text
IC IPC Clas­si­fi­ca­tion key­word, array
This fields con­tains all clas­si­fi­ca­tions, aux­il­iary and main.
ICA IPC Aux­il­iary Classification key­word, array List of aux­il­iary classifications
IN inven­tor (full name) text, array List of inven­tor names with address infor­ma­tion. Non-structured.
KI kind code (pub­li­ca­tion) key­word The doc­u­ment kind code, such as A1, B1, etc.
KOR cor­rec­tion info key­word In case of cor­rec­tions a code indi­cat­ing rea­son for cor­rec­tion. Is depen­dant on pub­lish­ing country.
MC ipc (main class — first class) key­word, array First IPC classification
NC Nation­al Classification text List of US nation­al class­es. US patents only.
NP Pri­or­i­ty Numbers key­word List of appli­ca­tion num­bers of pri­or­i­ty publications
PA Patent Appli­cant text, array List of names with address infor­ma­tion. Non-structured.
PC Pub­lish­ing Country key­word The coun­try code of the pub­lish­ing authority.
PD Pri­or­i­ty Date date List of pri­or­i­ty dates
RN representative/agent text, array List of names with address infor­ma­tion. Non-structured.

Search profile

Which search criteria can I use?

The search cri­te­ria that you can use in your search pro­file can be found here.


How do I customize my search profile?

You can adjust the search pro­file on our web­site under “Pro­files”.


Which patent data (offices) are available?

You can obtain data from the fol­low­ing six offices: EN, EP, WHERE, US, JPKR


How often is the patent data updated?

The data is updat­ed week­ly (DE, EP, WO, US) or month­ly (JP, KR) depend­ing on the office.


What is a useful search period?

The small­est search inter­val is one week. Most of our cus­tomers receive the deliv­ery on a month­ly basis, depend­ing on the deliv­ery quantity.


Can I set up multiple search profiles?

Yes, you can store up to 1000 search profiles.


What do I need to create a search profile?

You need knowl­edge of the DEPAROM syn­tax and your search criteria.


How do I get my access data?

You cre­ate your own account with access data. If you need help, please con­tact


What is the difference between account and user?

The account or the account which cor­re­sponds to the admin­is­tra­tion lev­el — address data and search pro­files are dis­played here. A user is a mem­ber of an account and can man­age pro­files and down­load the deliv­ered data.


I have forgotten my password. How do I get access to my customer account again?

You can reset your pass­word at any time on our website.


How do I cancel my account?

You can delete your account at any time via the web­site. Alter­na­tive­ly, you can deac­ti­vate your pro­file to sus­pend one or more deliveries.


How long will my data deliveries be retained?

Your data deliv­er­ies are held per­ma­nent­ly by us and can be retrieved at any time.


When will I receive a data delivery?

You will receive your data accord­ing to the deliv­ery inter­val spec­i­fied in your search profile.


How will I be informed about a data delivery?

You will receive a noti­fi­ca­tion by e‑mail for each deliv­ery that is ready.


How can I view and process my downloaded data deliveries in the DEPAROM Research Client (DRC)?

Option 1: You will receive a DVD which you can process direct­ly in the DRC.

Option 2: You will receive an ISO image which you can mount and then process in the DRC.

Vari­ant 3: You will receive a ZIP: Use the library func­tion to read the data deliv­ery via DRC.


Where can I see the history of my deliveries?

You can view the his­to­ry of your deliv­er­ies in the dash­board or under “Deliv­er­ies” and down­load the deliveries.


What does the price model look like?

You pay a fixed price of 85 (euro) cents per doc­u­ment deliv­ered. If you wish to cre­ate a DVD, we will charge you 35 Euros (per DVD). The ship­ping costs are includ­ed in the price. All prices are net prices.


How do I receive my invoice?

We are in the process of com­pil­ing the require­ments for the auto­mat­ic cre­ation of invoic­es for our fron­tend devel­op­ers. Until then, we will send you the invoic­es by email as a PDF file or, if you wish, by post.


Can I resell the documents I receive from my search?

We do not restrict the use of the data after the pur­chase. This gives you the oppor­tu­ni­ty to change, extend or resell the data.


What does invoicing look like if I set up several search profiles in my user account?

You will receive an invoice for your account. Each search pro­file is bro­ken down into indi­vid­ual items.


Can I view the hit list of my search profile before downloading and thus determine the price in advance?

With reg­u­lar deliv­ery, we can­not make any pre­dic­tions about the num­ber of hits, as the num­ber of hits changes with each deliv­ery. In the case of a one-time deliv­ery, you can view the num­ber of hits in advance and thus cal­cu­late the price.


Do I receive an invoice per month or per week for a weekly search run?

You will receive one invoice per data delivery.

Deparom research client (DRC)

Can I use the DRC under Windows 10?

The DRC can be used from ver­sion 5.9.1 Build 516 under Win­dows 10 (32-/64Bit).


Can I view the data delivery offline?

After down­load­ing, you can view your data deliv­ery offline at any time using the DEPAROM Research Client (DRC) provided.


Can I view the data delivery online?

At the moment we can­not offer you an online ver­sion of the DRC — but we are cur­rent­ly work­ing on it.