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FAQ – profile

Which search criteria are possible?


Field Name Description Data Type Comments
AB Abstract text Patent abstract from title page
AD Application Date date Date of application
AN Application Number text Format depends on publishing country, but generally 2 letter country code plus number, e.g. DE102014017626
DE Document Number keyword Number the document was published under
DP Date of Publication date Date document was published
DS Designated States keyword, array List of 2 letter country codes
ET English Title text
FT French Title text
GT German Title text
IC IPC Classification keyword, array
This fields contains all classifications, auxiliary and main.
ICA IPC Auxiliary Classification keyword, array List of auxiliary classifications
IN inventor (full name) text, array List of inventor names with address information. Non-structured.
KI kind code (publication) keyword The document kind code, such as A1, B1, etc.
KOR correction info keyword In case of corrections a code indicating reason for correction. Is dependant on publishing country.
MC ipc (main class – first class) keyword, array First IPC classification
NC National Classification text List of US national classes. US patents only.
NP Priority Numbers keyword List of application numbers of priority publications
PA Patent Applicant text, array List of names with address information. Non-structured.
PC Publishing Country keyword The country code of the publishing authority.
PD Priority Date date List of priority dates
RN representative/agent text, array List of names with address information. Non-structured.

Search profile

Which search criteria can I use?

The search criteria that you can use in your search profile can be found here.


How do I customize my search profile?

You can adjust the search profile on our website under “Profiles”.


Which patent data (offices) are available?

You can obtain data from the following six offices: EN, EP, WHERE, US, JP, KR


How often is the patent data updated?

The data is updated weekly (DE, EP, WO, US) or monthly (JP, KR) depending on the office.


What is a useful search period?

The smallest search interval is one week. Most of our customers receive the delivery on a monthly basis, depending on the delivery quantity.


Can I set up multiple search profiles?

Yes, you can store up to 1000 search profiles.


What do I need to create a search profile?

You need knowledge of the DEPAROM syntax and your search criteria.


How do I get my access data?

You create your own account with access data. If you need help, please contact


What is the difference between account and user?

The account or the account which corresponds to the administration level – address data and search profiles are displayed here. A user is a member of an account and can manage profiles and download the delivered data.


I have forgotten my password. How do I get access to my customer account again?

You can reset your password at any time on our website.


How do I cancel my account?

You can delete your account at any time via the website. Alternatively, you can deactivate your profile to suspend one or more deliveries.


How long will my data deliveries be retained?

Your data deliveries are held permanently by us and can be retrieved at any time.


When will I receive a data delivery?

You will receive your data according to the delivery interval specified in your search profile.


How will I be informed about a data delivery?

You will receive a notification by e-mail for each delivery that is ready.


How can I view and process my downloaded data deliveries in the DEPAROM Research Client (DRC)?

Option 1: You will receive a DVD which you can process directly in the DRC.

Option 2: You will receive an ISO image which you can mount and then process in the DRC.

Variant 3: You will receive a ZIP: Use the library function to read the data delivery via DRC.


Where can I see the history of my deliveries?

You can view the history of your deliveries in the dashboard or under “Deliveries” and download the deliveries.


What does the price model look like?

You pay a fixed price of 85 (euro) cents per document delivered. If you wish to create a DVD, we will charge you 35 Euros (per DVD). The shipping costs are included in the price. All prices are net prices.


How do I receive my invoice?

We are in the process of compiling the requirements for the automatic creation of invoices for our frontend developers. Until then, we will send you the invoices by email as a PDF file or, if you wish, by post.


Can I resell the documents I receive from my search?

We do not restrict the use of the data after the purchase. This gives you the opportunity to change, extend or resell the data.


What does invoicing look like if I set up several search profiles in my user account?

You will receive an invoice for your account. Each search profile is broken down into individual items.


Can I view the hit list of my search profile before downloading and thus determine the price in advance?

With regular delivery, we cannot make any predictions about the number of hits, as the number of hits changes with each delivery. In the case of a one-time delivery, you can view the number of hits in advance and thus calculate the price.


Do I receive an invoice per month or per week for a weekly search run?

You will receive one invoice per data delivery.

Deparom research client (DRC)

Can I use the DRC under Windows 10?

The DRC can be used from version 5.9.1 Build 516 under Windows 10 (32-/64Bit).


Can I view the data delivery offline?

After downloading, you can view your data delivery offline at any time using the DEPAROM Research Client (DRC) provided.


Can I view the data delivery online?

At the moment we cannot offer you an online version of the DRC – but we are currently working on it.