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The manual is for your orientation.
We will show you which steps to take if you want to use the frontend:



First Login

Please assign a new password first (using “Forgot password” on the login page).

You will then receive an email – please follow the instructions in the email.



Please use your username or email address and your password.


Forgotten login data

If you forget your login data, you can reset your password as follows:

1. go to and select “Forgot password?
2. enter your email address and click OK.
3. you will receive an email with a link to reset your password.
4. click on the link in the email and follow the instructions.

Data Reference / Download

As soon as a data delivery is ready for you, you will be informed by email.

To download a delivery, please click on “Data deliveries”.

All deliveries will be displayed.

Download a corresponding delivery by clicking on the “Download-Symbol”.



You will receive an invoice by email after each data delivery provided.

The exact invoice items depend on the delivery format.
If you have set up several profiles, you will receive an invoice
for each profile (or the associated data delivery).

Adjust personal settings

You can make various settings for your user account.

These include e.g.

  • Change password

    • Your password must meet certain criteria – information will be displayed as you enter it
  • Enable Multi-factor authentication

    • further information can be found here
  • Set email notifications

  • Set menu language


  1. Click on your username in the left corner

  2. Make the required changes

  3. Click on “Save”.

Logging out

You should log off after finishing your work at



  1. Click on your user name in the left corner.

  2. Select “Log out”.